Default iPhone Ringtones Done with Acoustic Guitar


What the title said, pretty much.

I fired up GarageBand and tried to reproduce several of the default iPhone ring tones on my acoustic guitar. I stayed true to the key and tempo of the originals as closely as I could.

Feel free to download/share/distribute.

These are .m4r ringtone files, ready to be synced with an iPhone. Safari will play them inline if you just want to preview.

What Is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a modern version of an ancient practice designed to create physical and mental fitness.

This yoga is not about bending ourselves into the shape of a pretzel or sitting quietly in a candlelit room waiting for enlightenment. This practice is about breathing and moving our bodies as a means to quiet our minds.

In a power yoga class we challenge our physical limits and explore our mental limitations, breaking through into new possibilities. Regular practice empowers us to meet life’s challenges with strength and equanimity.

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Today I took a moment to contemplate the end of the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Two words: good riddance.

Fitness Kick

I’ve been on a fitness kick for the past two months. I go to a personal trainer twice a week. I walk or run three laps around Forsyth Park most days. I even bought fitness gear to use at home.

The biggest change I’ve made is with what I eat. Basically, I cook instead of going to restaurants. I take my lunch to work. I stopped drinking sodas. I drink water. Some coffee. Green tea. But mostly water.

I eat fish, chicken, and cows. I eat vegetables, fruit, raw nuts, and berries. Eggs too, I eat lots of chicken eggs. I’ve stocked up on spices and flavored vinegars. I cook with olive oil almost everyday.

This has made it necessary to go to the grocery store much more often than I used to go. I take my time in the store. I read labels. I’m not looking for calorie counts or the breakdown of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I’m looking at the list of ingredients.

I don’t want the ingredients to look like a chemistry experiment. No high fructose corn syrup. No added sugar or sugar substitutes either. No canola-, cottonseed-, corn-, or other vegetable oils. I want real, not processed, food.

Here are some things that I don’t eat anymore: bread, pasta, and breakfast cereal including grits and oatmeal. I’m not eating grains except for brown rice once a week or so.

I feel better. I’ve lost weight. I plan on staying on this fitness kick for a long time.

A Productive Day

Sometimes I make lists of things to do on the weekends. Chores around the apartment. Groceries and other shopping. Errands to run. All in one list. 

I started compiling the list a couple of days ago. This morning, while waiting for a haircut, I added a lot of stuff to my list. For the remainder of the day it was my blueprint for getting things done.

It was a good plan. It worked although I never really finished making the list—throughout the day I added things to it—and I didn’t complete all of its tasks. And yet I’m satisfied. It was a productive day.

First post

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I hope it evolves into something interesting.